October Bulletin – Home maintenance

This is the October Bulletin I sent out to my clients recently. It’s not a very popular subject!


Summer has turned to fall, and for the homeowner it’s time to spruce up the house for the winter holidays, and also to start making a list of deferred maintenance, to be in good shape for the spring market.

Even if you’re not planning to put your home on the market, my view is that a home should always be in shape to go on the market within 30-60 days. If this sounds a little extreme, read the article I wrote that gives all the reasons why You Should Always Be Ready to Go On the Market in 30 Days.

This time of year and the coming winter season means much better weather to take care of outdoor work such as painting and caulking, yard work, trimming, etc. It’s also a better time to find a handyman service or a contractor with time available to help you.

A well maintained home is a greater pleasure to live in, as we all know. I always suggest that every homeowner should have a punch list of items to repair or upgrade the home, and I’ve explained how to create such a list in the article I linked above.

So enjoy the changing seasons, and happy home maintenance!

— Stephanie

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