Spring Clean and Prep Your Home Investment

This month I sent my annual reminder out to my clients that springtime is the natural time to spruce up the house, and also a good time to check its market-readiness and market-worthiness:

You may have no intention of selling your home but that’s no reason not to have it feeling as good to live in as one that’s been prepped for the market. It’s important to keep maintenance up on a property, as we all usually learn from hard experience over the years […]

There are many good reasons for keeping your home in a condition that can be made market-ready in a short period of time. Not only is such a home a greater pleasure to live in, but keeping a home up to scratch makes our greatest asset truly valuable as a hedge against sudden surprise.

Most people who’ve put their home on the market at one time or another have been surprised by the sheer workload that can arise in order to turn a comfortable and lived-in property into something suitable for display to a potential buyer. We tend to put off a lot of things that we suddenly have to get done all at once.

If you’d like to read more about this and other aspects of market preparedness, take a look at my article explaining why you should Always Be Ready to Go On the Market in 30 Days.

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